E Cigarette Buyers Guide

E-Cigarettes have become a popular and healthier alternative to traditional tobacco based products. However, the world of electronic cigarettes has become complicated with so many brands and models on the market, that you could easily get confused. There are many terms and much information to understand, and for this reason we created this guide to e-cigarettes to help you make an informed purchasing decision.

Our comprehensive guide will provide you a complete overview of all the important aspects you need to know in order to choose the best most suitable electronic cigarette for you.

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Why Use Electronic Cigarettes?

Switching from traditional tobacco cigarettes to electronic cigarettes has many benefits:

If all the smokers would stop smoking tobacco cigarettes and start using e-cigarettes, we would have a massive potential public health benefit.

Many scientists believe that e-cigarettes are safer than regular tobacco cigarettes and some of them argue switching to e-cigarettes has health benefits almost identical to those of quitting. The main problem with smoking is the combustion, not the nicotine itself. When tobacco is burn the process of combustion creates dozen of carcinogens, thousands of chemicals, and tar. Because the e-cigarettes do not burn tobacco they are much safer to use. The e-cigarettes vaporize an e-liquid or e-juice that contains nicotine. Research studies have shown that by switching to electronic cigarettes users may experience quick benefits.

E-cigarettes can also help you quit smoking. Some studies suggest that many smokers were able to quit smoking by temporary using the aid of electronic cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes can be almost twice more effective in helping former tobacco smokers quit than the nicotine replacement aids.

Another advantage of using e-cigarettes is that you can save money. How much you save depends on the amount you used to spend on tobacco cigarettes and what e-cigarettes you use.

Switching to electronic cigarettes also gives you the ability to use them in many public places where the use of tobacco cigarettes is restricted.

How does it compare to a regular cigarette?

  • Weight: One of the main differences you will notice at first is the different weight of the e-cigarette. You will notice a difference the first time when you’ll use a regular e-cigarette or a disposable one. However, after just a few days you’ll get used to this.
  • Taste: Depending on e-cigarette flavors you order, the taste may be very similar to the tobacco cigarettes you used to smoke. The taste may be also very different as well, if you choose so, as there are many different e-cigarette flavors available on the market. However, most of the new users of e-cigarettes choose to start with something similar to the cigarettes they were used with. As they go used with the e-cigarettes, they graduate start to experiment with different e-cigarette flavors. There are many exotic flavors to choose from, for example the coconut pineapple rum flavor.
  • Throat Hit: The throat hit refers to the sensation you get at the back of your throat after smoking a tobacco cigarette or inhaling the vapor from an e-cigarette. This depends on the brand of the e-cigarette used as well as the strength of the e-juice. You can manage to get a virtually identical throat hit to a regular cigarette if this is of concern to you.

The E-Cigarette Parts

An electronic cigarettes is usually composed of the following parts:

  • Atomizer: the device that heats the e-liquid (aka Cartomizer).
  • E-liquid: a liquid solution which contains nicotine and other compounds such as propylene glycol.
  • Battery: a rechargeable battery produces the energy to heat and vaporize the e-juice.

Types of E-Cigarettes

There are many types of e-cigarettes, including:

  • The Rechargeable E-Cigarette (Starter Kits) – designed for light-medium smokers.
  • The Disposable E-Cigs – designed for social smokers and light smokers. They have the key benefit that they are readily available and easy to use. They can be a good way to test e-cigarettes without buying a complete starter kit.
  • The EGO E-Cig – designed for medium-heavy smokers
  • The Personal Vaporizer – designed for advanced users and heavy smokers
  • The Electronic Cigar Or E-Cigar – designed for cigar smokers


After you decide what brand and model of e-cigarette you want, then you have to find the best e-liquid to go with it. Many personal vaporizers, rechargeable and EGO e-cigs can be refilled cheaply with any e-cigarette flavors liquid. With several choices of nicotine strength and thousands of different flavors e-juice offers electronic cigarette users both variety and pleasure never possible before when smoking regular tobacco cigarettes. It is always recommended you buy a high quality e-juice from a reliable vendor.

When switching from your old cigarettes to new smokeless ones there are a number of changes you can expect. You won’t have to deal with ash getting everywhere and the terrible odor of smoke. And in the long run you won’t be spending as much on smoking supplies. It is proven that smokeless cigs are a more cost-effective option. The good news for smokers is that electronic cigarettes will also help your taste buds heal and return to normal. Then you can enjoy out the subtle seasonings and spices of the e-cigarette flavors. Among the reputable brands of e-cigarette flavors are VaporFi E-liquids, Vapor4Life E-liquid flavors and Green Smoke FlavorMax Cartridges.

What Types of Refills Are There?

Filled Cartridge: the filled cartridge comes prefilled with e-juice. Some of them are not designed to be refilled. Originally filled cartridge came with a separate atomizer that you needed to screw on, but nowadays the within the mainstream e-cigarettes these are increasingly rare.

  • Blank Cartridge: this does not come prefilled and you need to fill it with e-juice.
  • Clearomizer: this is a type of cartomizer with clear sides that enable you to see how much juice is left.
  • Cartomizer: it usually comes with an inbuilt atomizer. The cartomizer may come empty or filled.
  • Tank: this is an actual small tank or a large clearomizer. The tank is designed to hold large amounts of e-juice in a specially modified cartridge. The main advantage of tanks is the fact that their large capacity is reducing the number of refills required.

When to Change Cartridges

Unlike batteries, cartridges do not feature visual indicators to let you know they’ve run empty. It is up to the user to realize when the cartridge needs to be changed or refilled. When the e-juice has become depleted there are a few things you may notice. When the cartridge runs low on e-juice you may notice that there’s not as much vapor coming out as before or the vapor may cease to come out at all. To replace a cartridges you just have remove the old one, then screw a new one back.

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