Are E Cigarettes Safe?

Smokers who smoked for ages may have toyed with the idea of giving up smoking cigarettes in exchange for E-cigs. Having said that, have you ever wondered are e cigarettes safe to consider? After all, you want to know that your decision to switch to e cigarettes is the right one. You will be happy to know that other smokers made the switch not just because it is safer, but also cheaper. Traditional smokes have become way too expensive.

The Best Advice We Heard About E Cigarette Safety

One consumer said that e cigs are not only cheaper, but a much safer option due to it not containing all the harmful chemicals you will find in a traditional cigarette. This person had been vaping for a period of two years now and was happy he did so. The transition from regular cigarettes to e cigarettes was a smooth one. An added benefit is that you can shop from the comfort of your home through online shopping where you can even look forward to extra discount and promotional offers.

E Cigarettes Are Considered Safer than Traditional Ones

As a smoker who is considering switching to e cigarettes, you will find that e cigs are so much better and safer than standard cigarettes. For one, there is no tar present. Your teeth do not get stained and it lasts so much longer, which saves you cost in the long run.

What is really nice is that the odor released are barely noticeable. As a word of caution, you need to know to watch out for imitation electronic cigarettes as these did not pass rigorous testing that are carried out on the best e cigarettes currently on the market. There is no question about are e cigarettes safe. There are numerous facts that indicate this to be the case.

Now, let’s take it one step further and take a closer look at a known e cigarette brand that is considered to be very safe and environmentally friendly too.

Environmentally Friendly E Cigarettes

VaporFi, Vapor4Life and Green Smoke came out on top in terms of being regarded as the best environmentally friendly e-cigs on the market. Beginner e cigarette smokers may want to opt for one of these brands as a safer alternative to traditional smokes, and to help keep the planet clean.

It’s been reported that these brands are the e cigarette of choice for those of you who are concerned about the environment. When compared to traditional tobacco cigarettes, there is no filter and less packaging landing on roadsides and in landfills. There is no need for matches, lighters or lighter fluid and no ashes means no ash trays or outdoor butt receptacles. As an added benefit, VaporFi, Vapor4Life and Green Smoke cost a lot less than traditional smokes.

Not only are these environmentally friendly e cigarettes safe for use, but their starter kit prices are reason enough to give them a try. Each contains a wide array of very useful accessories to ensure true smoking pleasure. What smokers find particularly useful is that these electronic cigarettes consist of only two pieces, namely the cartridge and the battery.

Reasons Why Regular Smokers Switched to E Cigarettes

Regular cigarette smokers have their reasons for switching to one of these brands of e cigarettes. The key reason is that these boast a host of very nice variety of flavors, and compared to other e cigarettes, these come out on top with regards to flavor, especially VaporFi which allows you to create your own custom flavor. Everything possible was done to improve on the flavors as well as ensure they are more superior and easier to use than other known brands.

Some other e cigarette brands have three to four parts, whereas these brands have only two parts. What is more, you do not need to worry about maintaining the heating element as it is already included. Electronic cigarettes from other brands require the user to follow a drawn out process where they often end up with hands that are either smelly or wet. These brands on the other hand are extremely easy to work with. Another advantage is that smokers of these brands get to enjoy thicker vapors. Can you imagine what an enjoyable experience that is?

Rest assured that VaporFi, Vapor4Life and Green Smoke e cigarettes are seen to be a truly social cigarette that has no offensive odor. No one will ask you to smoke outside.

Information from WebMD about electronic cigarette safety.