E Cigarette Brands

For nicotine users, electronic cigarettes are among one of the best ways to switch the way you ingest nicotine. Many have started the switch by using one of the many disposable electronic cigarette brands on the market. But several people put off the choice to change to different e-cigarette brands because they are concerned that the technology or quantity of options can be excessively overwhelming.

Those of you who have made the switch know that certain electronic cigarette companies are the best in the industry. To help you make the switch, here is the best e cigarette brand (Vapor 4 Life) and the best e cigarette custom juice provider (VaporFi) right now.


The Best E Cigarette Brand!

Vapor4Life, Inc. is the technology leader in the vaping industry. For over 5-years V4L has been producing highly engineered products and innovative technology that serve as a true tobacco alternative. After continuous technological advancements, V4L is now launching its new retail brand WOW VAPOR® in early 2015. The mission of the WOW VAPOR® brand is to provide the most advanced vapor delivery system to satisfy the retail market. In a continuous effort to deliver a true tobacco alternative and relieve smokers from a chemical addiction, each WOW VAPOR® vaping product contains a free zero-nicotine option. Vapor4Life is a family-run business based out of Northbrook, Illinois started by vaping enthusiast Steve Milin. Vapor4Life’s innovative Vapor Zeus e-cig battery is the world’s only automatic 5 volt e-cigarette.


The Best E Cigarette Custom Juice!

VaporFi Create Your Own E-Liquid Blend

Among the 2014 best e cigarette brands, the VaporFi brand is advancing quickly. VaporFi is the freshest and most innovative provider of next-level vaping. The brand was previously recognized as Vapor Zone, and now, this e-cigarette brand comes in six different models, ranging from tiny cigarette shaped ones to life-sized eGo models with huge cartomizers. In fact, what makes this brand a leading e-cigarette is its e-liquid. The e-liquid of VaporFi has launched into the eye of the public very quickly during 2014. They not only have a huge collection of e-liquid that is extremely popular with electronic cigarette users, they have also introduced a “Create Your Own” taste option recently. You can combine and match between a maximum of three flavors and produce a custom taste that is all your own. The VaporFi brand offers the most customization of their goods in the electronic cigarette business.

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