E Cigarette Safety

E-Cigarettes Are Not Toys

An e-cigarette is not a toy. In fact, it can be dangerous or even deadly if not used properly and safely. So, if you are new to electronic cigarettes or have been vaping for quite some time, consider reading these e-cigarette safety precautions to ensure that you won’t encounter any problems when using your e-cigs.

Actually, the use of any electronic device needs proper safety measures. Relying on the safety precautions from the manufacturer is not enough. Truly, any device that uses a battery or electricity is subject to circuit issues and other fire-related troubles. So, you have to handle your electronic cigarette with utmost care. Consider reading the instructions from the manufacturer well before you start using the device. You also need to use your common sense to ensure maximum safety as you enjoy your puffs.

Keep Out Of Reach Of Children

Firstly, bear in mind that e-liquid is indeed a poison. Actually, the e-liquid bottles are small in size and it is very easy to misplace them. If you have children or pets in the house, you must keep your e-cigs and e-liquid away from them to avoid the health risks associated with electronic cigarettes. Although bottles are properly labeled, your child may mistake the labels thinking that they are safe for drinking. A single drop of an e-liquid into your mouth is enough to cause severe stomachache. So, you should treat your e-liquid bottle the same way you would treat a bottle of ammonia, bleach, or any other kind of household poison. The best way is to bury the bottle deep into the ground where dogs, cats and children cannot find them.

Proper Charging Procedures

Next, chargers, batteries and plugs can also be very risky. If for instance a charger is inserted in a low plug, it is very easy for children to grab and play around with it. Funny enough, they can put the ends of the chargers inside their mouths and this is likely to cause burns or shock. Children can also use lengthy cords from AC plugs to wrap around their necks. So, you should keep all e-cigarette accessories in locked drawers where you are very sure children cannot access them.

Again, any modification you do to your e-cig can pose a great harm to you. There are numerous modifications that people do to electronic cigarettes. For instance, they usually add power through batteries, change the way cartridges work, and also remove parts from the atomizer. Some of these modifications really work. But keep in mind that if you modify your e-cigarette it may increase its danger. Remember that e-cigs are designed to use the power from batteries and atomizers they usually come with. So, doing your own alterations on voltage and power can make e-cigs to heat up and eventually stop working all together. Also, doing this can make the batteries melt or even explode. So, do the modifications at your own risk.

Vaping While Driving

Also, you should be extremely careful when driving with your e-cigarette. It is true that people smoke tobacco and drive at the same time. This also means that they can vape and drive. This is not discouraged whatsoever and is not against the law. But it is important to remain focused while driving on a busy road. Performing certain things such as charging your e-cigarette battery or dripping e-juice may interrupt your concentration. Actually, you need not to do any of these things while still driving. You should take your time and stop on the road side in order to do all the changes you want. Then, you can get back on the road and continue vaping as you drive.

Keeping The Vapor Cool

Note also that an atomizer is one of the most important parts of an e-cig. This one connects the cartridge and the battery of your device. It heats up the e-liquid in order to produce vapor. Actually, the action of heating up every time you inhale from the device is a process you have to repeat every now and then, just like in normal tobacco smoking. For safety purposes, there must be a substantial amount of interval time before the next inhalation. This is to allow the atomizer to cool down and prevent overheating. Remember overheating may cause melting of your cartridge. The fact is that you can use your electronic cigarette any time you desire to puff, but be aware of the right interval. Utilizing your device cautiously will even increase the lifespan of the cartridge.

Easy Does It

Another safety guideline with the use of e-cigarette is to take a period in inhaling. Actually, it can take a significant amount of time for the e-liquid to turn into vapor. The heating process is facilitated by the atomizer and is responsible for the creation a vapor within 3 to 5 seconds. The user is advised to inhale slowly before the liquid nicotine turns into vapor. Inhaling too fast may result in sucking the liquid nicotine into your mouth. If by bad luck the liquid nicotine enters into your mouth, it is good to rinse your mouth thoroughly with water in order to remove any traces of the e-liquid. Failure to do so, the liquid may adversely affect you.

Be An Informed E-Cigarette User

To be on a safer side, be an informed e-cig user. Actually, your health is not something to be taken for granted. It is your mandate to do your research pretty well before buying any brand of e-cigarette in the market. Consider shopping around to find one that is right for you. Users are advised to invest their time and effort to research for the best electronic cigarettes instead of buying any brand they come across. Getting a high quality e-cig will significantly decrease the occurrence of some incidents associated with e-cigarette usage.

E-Cigarette Safety Conclusion

In a nut-shell, upgrading to e-cigs has a lot of benefits. In fact, vaping has changed the lives of many people in a positive way. For instance, most of the users feel energetic when they get a few puffs. Other benefits include better sleep, good smell, foods taste better, appetite, and the overall happiness. Actually, if you decide to upgrade to e-cigs you are likely to accrue countless benefits. Needless to say, electronic cigarettes are only for adults. So, if you are under 18 years old you’ll have to wait until you reach an adult age.