Electronic Cigar

The electronic cigar is a fairly new innovative product in the electronic cigarette world. The most remarkable difference between an e-cigar and a real cigar is the nonexistence of a room-devastating odor. These electronic devices resemble and feel similar to a real cigar and make it possible to take pleasure in a fine tasting cigar once again at the poker table without stinking up the room. E-cigars have some big shoes to fill, as the typical cigar smoker will not be won over easily.

How Does An Electronic Cigar Differ From a Real Cigar?

When you buy an e-cigar, you will notice the realistic qualities of the device when compared to a tobacco cigar. E-cigar vendors spend extra effort to make them appear as genuine as possible. The size and even its weight balance mimic the general look and sense of the original. They typically include an LED tip that is partly hidden behind some sort of screen to imitate the ash of a real cigar. From a small distance, it is nearly impossible to notice that these devices are really electronic in nature. About the only thing that separates them from a real cigar is the lack of ash, smoke and odor.

Currently, there are less flavor options available in e-cigars than the popular flavors available for e-cigarettes. And this may always be the case as most tobacco cigars are similar in nature to begin with.

The electronic cigar is turning out to be a popular product chiefly because of the convenience of being capable of smoking it without disturbing others. The smell of a tobacco cigar is usually accepted only by the individual smoking the cigar. Tobacco cigar smokers would be happy puffing on a real cigar indoors at a bar or at poker games, but those days and come and gone.

The True Test of an Electronic Cigar is the Taste and Vapor Volume.

A cigar produces a huge quantity of smoke and has a unique flavor and smell. So, an electronic cigar naturally needs to reproduce as much of that same taste as possible, and also create a lot of vapor volume. The distinctive way that a cigar is breathed in and “puffed” on, needs to be dealt with a an e-cigar as well. A good electronic cigar will have a strong taste for the user, but other individuals in the room will not experience its smell. You will be amazed at the realistic taste of an e-cigar, which you can taste in both your mouth and your nose while using it. Several of these tastes are very similar to those of a real cigar and the vapor volume is typically much higher than those of even the best selling electronic cigarette.

What is the best brand of electronic cigar available on the market today?

Vapor Zeus

The Vapor Zeus electronic cigar is the result of the hard work and experience from the people at Vapor4Life. This e-cigar brand holds the control of a mod, at the same time as maintaining the motto of the company to keep the vaping simple.

The batteries of this brand come in three sizes, such as extra large, medium, and small, and you can decide your size, according to the amount you vape. The higher the mAh ranking of the battery, the longer it will work between charges. You will put the time aside from not having to recharge the battery as frequently as other batteries, available on the market. Remember that the batteries of Vapor Zeus include a pass-through choice. This feature lets you charge the battery during its use for additional convenience.

The batteries of this electronic cigar with the rating of 650mAh will last for the average vapor for 8 hours. This capacity battery performs well for light vapers. Undersized Smileomizers fit tiny the batteries.

Medium size batteries of the brand that come with the rating of 900mAh, will last for 12 hours. These batteries are somewhat taller than the 650mAh batteries, but they have the equal diameter. The 900mAh batteries work immensely for individuals who lie between the light and profound vapes. Small Smileomizers suit these medium size batteries.

Extra Large vaping batteries are the ones that are available with the 1300mAh rating and they work for 20 hours between charging the battery. They have the equal height, but wider than that of the medium size batteries. These batteries are ideal option for heavy vapers, as they need an extended battery life. Big Smileomizers fit the Extra Large vaping batteries of the Vapor Zeus electronic cigar brand. Moreover, no other electronic cigarettes come with such variety and performance when compared to the batteries of the Vapor Zeus electronic cigar brand.


The battery of the Vapor Zeus e-cigar has been manufactured with the highest quality circuit boards, battery cells, switches, wire, and stainless steel. You can get the required serenity in identifying that your vaporizer has been constructed to last, and will assist you to put the money aside from not having to pay money for more batteries continuously.

While you are vaping, you would like your vaporizer to create a lot of vapor, to get that real smoking sensation. This electronic cigar brand is designed with the micro-processor technology, which adjusts power and heat in excess of 2,000 times for each second. This brings the most reliable puff available.

You can charge the battery of your Vapor Zeus through the USB port by means of a charging cable, attached to a wall adapter or a power resource. On the other hand, you can make use of a wall charger, screwed on top of the connector threading where your cartomizer screws on. The battery of this e-cigar provides a convenient pass-through alternative, as well. The cable of the USB charger lets you charge the battery while using the cigar. This feature is ideal for individuals who work in a workplace, as they can plug the battery of the cigar into their computer easily. It is as well, a convenient option for those who drive a lot. The proprietary technology adopted in this electronic cigar design facilitates its battery to maintain a constant 5 volts all through its charge, so, by no means, your vaping experience falters.

If you are looking for a disposable electronic cigar in the medium-high priced range, you will not be disappointed by an inexpensive knockoff. You will need only e-liquids and high-quality components to get anywhere, resembling the feeling and the taste of a hand rolled cigar. However, a good electronic cigar will most probably impress and satisfy any smoker to a great extent who chooses it.